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Coming To Jesus: One Man's Search for Truth and Life Purpose (English Edition) eBook Kindle

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R$ 12,46

Número de páginas: 120 páginas Dicas de vocabulário: Habilitado Configuração de fonte: Habilitado
Page Flip: Habilitado Idioma: Inglês

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Descrições do Produto

Descrição do produto

Did you know the Bible contains hundreds of fulfilled prophecies made centuries in advance? And did you know that no other book in the world can make that claim?

Britt Gillette didn’t. At age 14, he found himself struggling with the universal questions of life. Questions such as: Who am I? What’s the purpose of life? What happens when I die? And does God exist?

So what did he find? He found the answers – every single one of them. And his life has never been the same.

In Coming To Jesus, you’ll find:

• Proof of the Bible’s divine authority
• Evidence that reveals the Messiah’s true identity
• And compelling reasons to believe Jesus is the Son of God

Most of all, you’ll find that God really does care about you. When Britt Gillette set out to find the truth, what he discovered changed his life forever. Maybe it will change yours too.

More About Coming To Jesus
For readers who love Christian apologetics, Christian inspirational tales, or most Christian non-fiction books, Coming To Jesus provides a rare glimpse into the spiritual journey of one man struggling to find answers to the great questions of life. Have you ever wondered, “Does God exist?” Have you ever questioned the purpose of life? Or wanted to know who Jesus really is?

Britt Gillette asked those same questions, and he found the answers. Coming To Jesus provides insight into his journey in an easy-to-read, conversational tone most readers will find easy to relate to. If you already know Jesus, this book might bring you closer to Him. If you don’t know Jesus, it might just be the most important book you’ll ever read.

Sobre o Autor

Britt Gillette is the founder of End Times Bible Prophecy (www.end-times-bible-prophecy), a website dedicated to helping people better understand biblical prophecy. His second book, Signs of the Second Coming, is scheduled for release in summer 2014.

Detalhes do produto

  • Formato: eBook Kindle
  • Tamanho do arquivo: 432 KB
  • Número de páginas: 120 páginas
  • Quantidade de dispositivos em que é possível ler este eBook ao mesmo tempo: Ilimitado
  • Vendido por: Amazon Servicos de Varejo do Brasil Ltda
  • Idioma: Inglês
  • Leitura de texto: Habilitado
  • X-Ray:
  • Dicas de vocabulário: Habilitado
  • Leitor de tela: Compatível
  • Configuração de fonte: Habilitado
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Amazon.com: 4.7 de 5 estrelas 154 avaliações
Esta avaliação foi considerada útil por 7 de 7 pessoa(s):
4.0 de 5 estrelas Another gem 11 de novembro de 2014
Por Stanley - Publicada na Amazon.com
Formato: eBook Kindle Compra verificada
I am familiar with this author from his contributions to the Rapture Ready Forum, I enjoyed reading his work. An exception I have with this book is the God shaped Hole reference. This concept stems from Pascal and Saint Augustine and I feel it is too easy to get off on a humanism path with this sort of preaching. My heart is desperately wicked, I don't need a hole filled, I need a new heart. Mr. Gillette has done a fine job with this book and I highly recommend it for both new and seasoned believers, but don't stop here; There is a storehouse of great articles from Mr. Gillette which are well worth the few minutes and keystrokes to find and absorb.
Esta avaliação foi considerada útil por 1 de 1 pessoa(s):
5.0 de 5 estrelas Encouraging and positive boom 21 de maio de 2017
Por Goldie true - Publicada na Amazon.com
Formato: eBook Kindle Compra verificada
This book is very sincere and down to earth. It's written in a very simple tone, almost as if Gillette is reading the book to me. I had trouble understanding that I didn't have to wait "until later when my life is together" to ask Jesus holy spirit save me. Thank you for this book and I advise anybody that doesn't understand how Jesus died for us to read this book. It's not a waste of your time!!
Esta avaliação foi considerada útil por 1 de 1 pessoa(s):
5.0 de 5 estrelas Great book for better understanding of the Bible 9 de novembro de 2015
Por R. Meadows - Publicada na Amazon.com
Formato: eBook Kindle Compra verificada
This book was a great eye opener for many parts of the Bible. I have always believed some of the tales many other people believe but this book has made me take a look at the possibility that I could be wrong, for example the sinner who died beside Jesus on the cross was promised to be with Jesus in paradise yet he was a complete sinner. It doesn't say he was baptized or that he was a Christian attending church every Sunday but that he was a sinner whose faith in Jesus in his last moments of life saved his soul. Does this mean we should not concern ourselves with church and baptism? No way! In the Bible he speaks of these things as being part of his command. It does however give me a bit of hope for some people I have known and others I have heard about. This being said I am a baptized Christian. I am also a sinner. I am not proud to be a sinner but I am on the path to my own spiritual transformation.

This book has again ignited in me my desire to be a servant to Jesus. It has given me hope and a bit more understanding of some things. It has reminded me none of us are perfect but that God still loves us all.

If you would like a book that makes feasible sense while you find your path to Jesus this one is a great choice. It has a lot of common sense answers based on the scriptures from the Bible. The author always encourages you to look up the scriptures for yourself. The book, chapter, and verse are provided for reference. I would love to share this book with my family, friends and congregation. I think it was wonderfully presented, easy to follow, and that was fruit for the soul and time well spent. It was for my own personal spirituality at least and I hope it will be for yours as well.

After all we have nothing to lose becoming a Christian except our stained sinful ways of life that depress and burden us and we have everything to gain peace, joy, and everlasting life in paradise. The decision is in each of us and this book can get us on the right path.
Esta avaliação foi considerada útil por 1 de 1 pessoa(s):
5.0 de 5 estrelas It is an amazing book! The Author has Really researched the Bible ... 10 de janeiro de 2017
Por Evelyn Anderson. Enjoyed these 3 books very much. you are my kind of writer! Felt like I was t - Publicada na Amazon.com
Formato: eBook Kindle Compra verificada
It is an amazing book! The Author has
Really researched the Bible and gotten
Information. I cannot imagine how any
Person could not believe in Christ after
Reading it! The prophecies indeed prove
True regarding Jesus' authenticity!
Esta avaliação foi considerada útil por 1 de 1 pessoa(s):
5.0 de 5 estrelas Answers to your Questions about God! 17 de abril de 2017
Por MoneyManRod - Publicada na Amazon.com
Formato: eBook Kindle Compra verificada
Wow! I really enjoyed this book. It is clearly written, with many references to proof of points that he makes. Any person who has any question about who God is and how much God loves them needs to read this book!
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