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Deep Blue Secret (The Water Keepers Book 1) (English Edition) eBook Kindle

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R$ 10,63

Número de páginas: 372 páginas Dicas de vocabulário: Habilitado Configuração de fonte: Habilitado
Page Flip: Habilitado Idioma: Inglês

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Descrições do Produto

Descrição do produto

"Anderson is the newest and hottest writer there is. It is believed that if this series goes as hot as we think it is, it will be better than Twilight! Stephenie Meyer, look out!" ~Young Readers Group of Maine

"Every once in a while I come across a writer that is such a great storyteller, I can't put the book down. I forget where I am, what time it is, and if there's anyone around me... Christie Anderson is such a writer." ~Karen Hoover, Author of The Wolfchild Saga

Deep Blue Secret is Book 1 of the Water Keepers series
A sweet, mysterious teen romance with a refreshing fantasy twist.

California teen Sadie James thinks her life couldn't get any better. She has great friends, an energetic mother she adores, and the beach practically in her own backyard. But her carefree life is turned upside down when she's rescued by a mysterious and strangely familiar boy who won't even tell her his name. Each time the boy appears, Sadie's unexplainable attraction to him deepens along with her need to unravel his secrets. The boy is there to protect her, but as wonderful and exciting as it might be to have an irresistible boy with crystal green eyes protecting her every move, every minute of the day...why does Sadie need one? As Sadie finds answers, she realizes her life isn't as perfect as she thought. Not only is she caught in a world of dangerous secret agents she never knew existed, but it turns out her true identity may be the greatest secret of all.

READING LEVEL: Teen, Young Adult (Mild violence, NO explicit sexual content or profanity)

Detalhes do produto

  • Formato: eBook Kindle
  • Tamanho do arquivo: 2623 KB
  • Número de páginas: 372 páginas
  • Quantidade de dispositivos em que é possível ler este eBook ao mesmo tempo: Ilimitado
  • Vendido por: Amazon Servicos de Varejo do Brasil Ltda
  • Idioma: Inglês
  • Leitura de texto: Habilitado
  • X-Ray:
  • Dicas de vocabulário: Habilitado
  • Leitor de tela: Compatível
  • Configuração de fonte: Habilitado
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Amazon.com: 4.2 de 5 estrelas 439 avaliações
Esta avaliação foi considerada útil por 160 de 167 pessoa(s):
1.0 de 5 estrelas Here's what the reader can expect 24 de julho de 2014
Por Calabi - Publicada na Amazon.com
Formato: eBook Kindle Compra verificada
" My little body shuttered from the unexpected sound."

"I pranced to the front door." No one walks in this book. If a character isn't prancing she's skipping, trotting, strolling, traipsing, scurrying, scampering, creeping, hopping or lurking. True, lurking means to wait but in this book it becomes a form of motion.

"Her lean physique approached my direction with purpose." This sentence speaks for itself.

"I slid from the fluffy sanctuary." Most of us refer to this as a bed.

Four paragraphs were devoted to her laying her towel on the beach sand. That was memorable, especially since it had
nothing to do with the story and was never mentioned again!

Thirteen pages were needed to describe the first few moments of meeting between Sadie and the strange boy! Most of it was her explaining how she immediately fell in love with him even though, they "barely knew each other." Barely? They knew each other about 2 minutes.

In all fairness, the book may have improved but I only made it through a third before giving up.
Esta avaliação foi considerada útil por 1 de 1 pessoa(s):
3.0 de 5 estrelas Okay for a one time read, but not interested in reading sequels 29 de maio de 2017
Por Reader58 - Publicada na Amazon.com
Formato: eBook Kindle Compra verificada
Pros: There is some nice action and sweet romance scenes in here. I also like some of the fantasy parts -- the communication between the two main characters through a book, the glowing eyes and water marks, etc.

Cons: The main female character seemed like a weak and dependent character, and I didn't like how she was left in the dark and didn't push harder for answers. Both the main female and male characters are also heavily driven by emotions and love-at-first sight. And while the fantasy in this world had potential, I felt like it wasn't fully developed. There's this secret, magic water that's guarded by a race of people, but that's all I know. Who are these people? Are they human, or something else? Where is their society? Why do they feel a responsibility to use the water to heal humans? So many questions left unanswered, and it was hard to immerse myself in the story and setting.

Summary: Okay for a one time read, but not interested in reading sequels.
Esta avaliação foi considerada útil por 2 de 2 pessoa(s):
3.0 de 5 estrelas Slow, But Nicely Done With the End 13 de fevereiro de 2014
Por Sophia Lin @ Bookwyrming Thoughts - Publicada na Amazon.com
Formato: eBook Kindle Compra verificada
Original Rating: 3.5
Original Review can be found over at Bookwyrming Thoughts

Well, Deep Blue Secret isn't a page-turner, thriller and action/adventure fans, but it has this thing where it keeps you reading. It's slow paced, yet good pace that it doesn't let the reader down but builds up and becomes more interesting – sort of – the further you read in the book.

It is, however, not too impressive on my radar. Probably memorable though.

Goodreads, take out Mermaids being a shelf ASAP. This is not about mermaids, so quit trolling potential readers.

Sadie, you are a DAMSEL in distress. Literally. Up and down with the mood swings, I kind of thought you were bipolar for awhile. Of course, you're still a damsel in distress. And you seem really happy and not having a care in the world. It's time to pull out the excited, happy girl from The Photo Traveler's review folks.

Rayne, you seem too perfect. Quit being the white knight on a silky sleek horse and let Sadie be the heroine once in awhile instead of saving her 24/7. And yes, I am WELL aware that you have good reason to be overly protective.

Sadie's mom, you're too happy, but you're perfect. Adopt me? You seem like a really cool mom to have. And I would love to have a bear shaped pancake. x)

Heather, you're almost perfect. I might be squirming with how the likes and totallys seem out of place though, but you're an awesome friend.

Voss, you are a typical villain in terms of looks. Too creepy. You put Voldemort and his famous "nose" to shame. Of course, that won't matter much since you're quite clever in your schemes. And reading the excerpt for book 2, I'm curious as to what you are up to next. Mind giving me a hint? I promise I won't tell anyone else. ;)

Good transitions, but if you like a story that slowly builds up, then it's free on Amazon. Try it out and see, but I warn you of a cliffhanger (not surprising though...). :3

Just a totally random and unrelated thought, but I always love it when I get a review request, recognize the book and then find out I actually have the book. Lucky 13. I'll live for the day when I manage to get to 50% of my library read. The calculator's answer? 0.016169154228855721393034825870647

Oh gods. That's barely a blip.
Esta avaliação foi considerada útil por 1 de 1 pessoa(s):
4.0 de 5 estrelas A truly delightful read! 17 de março de 2014
Por Whitney Brantley - Publicada na Amazon.com
Formato: eBook Kindle Compra verificada
Hello Lovelies!

Like the novel featured in my last review, Flight of Life by E.L. Todd, I must also commend Christie Anderson for the innovation and ingenuity used in the creation and writing of Deep Blue Secret and the other two books in the The Water Keepers series. As a reader of many fantasy novels, I can honestly say that I have never read something with similar ideas. Personally, I really enjoyed Sadie as a character. While not only kind, beautiful, and intelligent, Sadie also has moments of brokenness that make her relatable. I only have one word to describe Rayne, DREAMY. Please don’t be expecting an action-packed plot. This is your typical romance “we-fell-in-love-immediately-but-can’t-be-together” type of book, but unlike most mushy lovey-dovey writing, Rayne and Sadie’s love affair didn’t make me gag and sprint for the nearest toilet. The amount of depth in their relationship genuinely touched me. Deep Blue Secret stood out to me for its expertly crafted characters, engaging dialogue and internal monologues, and inventive writing.

-Whimsical Whit

Esta avaliação foi considerada útil por 2 de 2 pessoa(s):
3.0 de 5 estrelas Good enough to want the other books. 21 de outubro de 2013
Por Kah-pow - Publicada na Amazon.com
Formato: eBook Kindle Compra verificada
It wasn't the best book I've read but it held my interest enough that I think I'll buy the other books. My only complaint is it takes 12 chapters into the book before she gets to the point and you find out what is really going on. So for the most part that was slow to me. I pushed on and I'm thankful I did because it got really interesting after that. It was really unique a nice change from the usual supernatural/fantasy plots lines. I hope the other books will be a bit more fast paced but I do definitely recommend this one. Hang in there if you're like me and are getting frustrated with the book by Chapter 10. She does eventually cut to the chase but it takes a little bit. Be Patient.
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