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Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution: The Complete Guide to Achieving Normal Blood Sugars (Inglês) Capa dura – 31 out 2011

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Richard K. Bernstein, MD, is one of the world's foremost experts in diabetes treatment and care. He is the author of six books about diabetes, including The Diabetes Diet. Dr. Bernstein is the emeritus director of the Peripheral Vascular Disease Clinic at Jacobi Medical Center, an instructor at New York Medical College, fellow of the American College of Nutrition, and as a consultant to the Department of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. An attending physician at North Bronx Healthcare Network, he also maintains a private practice in Mamaroneck, NY, where he lives.

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5.0 de 5 estrelas A sane advice that WORKS! 22 de dezembro de 2015
Por SD - Publicada na Amazon.com
Formato: eBook Kindle Compra verificada
I am a newly diagnosed Type 2 diabetic (4 weeks now) and was in denial for the first few days because I exercise strenuously 3x a week (4-6 mile runs) and although I do go over sometimes, mostly I thought I ate healthy. After getting metformin from the doctor and the usual advice of 1/2 plate vegetables, 1/4 plate beans and legumes and 1/4 plate wheat/bread etc, I came home and tried that... and of course, the blood sugars would spike to 150, 160, 170 after 2 hours. I am an engineer by trade so I wanted to understand what was happening and how I could truly fix it.

Reading about all the complications that you can have with diabetes was bloody gut wrenching and I do want to avoid it and potentially go into diabetes remission where I can control it with just diet and exercise. Obviously, my doctor's advice would have put me on a path to complications.

Doctor Bernstein's advice is... to summarize, very very intense. He asks you eliminate ALL GRAINS, ALL FRUITS and virtually all sources of easily digestible carbs (potatoes etc.) from your meal and instead puts you on a low carb, moderate protein and reasonable fat diet. Essentially, his advice is, get your nutrition mostly from vegetables that do not have fast acting carbs, and then add protein and fat to make up for calories and to keep you full.

Keeping with his advice, my blood sugar is almost down to normal within 3 weeks of following his advice and my weight is down 15 pounds (he says.. "if you drop weight by simply switching to a low carb diet, consider yourself lucky"..)

Also, it was a bit jarring to see him tell me that pure running is worse than weight training. And here I was running and thinking it was amazing. I get his reasons though. I have been running for many years now, mostly consistently and now running does not raise my heart rate, I can run and talk easily.. which means my muscles are working aerobically... Still, I don't want to leave running, so switched to his style of Interval training.. where I run at a sane pace on flat and whenever I see an incline, I sprint up to raise my heart rate.

And I bought a bunch of weights and reinstated my weight training regimen.

Another point that cemented my belief in this is that my Mom has had diabetes for over 15 years and her blood sugar were pretty high, even fasting... After I read this book, I pushed my mom to follow the same advice and although she is resisting, she is putting some aspects in her diet and her fasting blood sugar has dropped from almost 180 to 108 in about a month.

I am not shy about saying, yes I am a believer. Compared to what the American Diabetes Association tells or a general physician tells, Dr. Bernstein's advice actually works and I am glad I got it.

His is not the most popular book out there but that is because it does not sugar coat anything. YOU HAVE TO GET OFF of high carbs and as I mentioned that he is at times very intense in what you have to do.. given he has been a Type 1 diabetic since age 12 and he was near organ failure at around 30 and then found and made the VLC (very low carb diet) work for himself, switched careers to Medicine to help others and has lived to 80+ years with perfect A1C and other parameters.

Not just that, if you search on the Internet, you will find forums after forums of people who have kept diabetes related complications at Bay by following his advice or similar VLC (very low carb) diet further proving that he is right.

Anyways, Thank You Dr. Bernstein and thank God, I found the book within a week of being diagnosed. I have nearly read the book cover to cover twice and continue poring over it to see if there is anything I missed.
Esta avaliação foi considerada útil por 28 de 28 pessoa(s):
5.0 de 5 estrelas A Must Read for Anyone Managing Diabetes 25 de agosto de 2015
Por edan - Publicada na Amazon.com
Formato: Capa dura Compra verificada
This book should be recommended to everyone upon diagnosis. It is the most comprehensive and informative diabetes book I've found. The information provided has been a complete game-changer for our Type 1 child and our only regret is that we didn't find it sooner! The 1.5 years we spent following the American Diabetes Association recommended dietary guidelines was full of fear of falling BG's leading to scary hypos, and frustration at the super spikes we saw after meals that would not come down despite correction after correction. It was a roller coaster, and not a fun one. It was exhausting. The information in Dr. Bernstein's book made so much sense and we knew we had to at least give his methods a try. We committed to one full week eating according to his recommendation. After one day, we were sold. Please see my photo in the customer images. We followed an exact diet provided by the nutritionist that was "perfectly balanced for a diabetic" for one full day. Then went 100% Bernstein the next day. The results were incredible. Now, our worst BG day graphs looks way better than the average T1's BEST days! No more scary hypos on the regular, no more super stubborn highs that cannot be explained, no more up and down arrows on the Dexcom indicating rapid change in BG's. Now, we can enjoy life and activities with confidence that our child's BG will not plummet. We all get more sleep! Grades have gone up, less class time is missed, attitude has improved, and the cloud of depression lifting.
Our whole family has converted to this way of eating and the whole family (non-diabetics included) has seen improved health. Of course there are challenges with this way of eating (as with anything) but I would take these challenges any day over the ones we experienced when managing her diabetes per the ADA recommendations.
You owe it to yourself to give this method a try. Commit for a week and then decide whether it's for you before shooting it down as sounding too extreme. And just know, it gets easier as you continue when the carb cravings get less and your body detoxes and adjusts to it's new energy source (about 3 weeks). There are very supportive groups online of other families following Dr. Bernstein's recommendations who can provide a lot of guidance. You can also check out Dr. Bernstein's "Diabetes University" video clips on YouTube. They are short and topic-specific.
And, even if you decide not to follow his advice, you will come away from the book with more tools in your toolbox, and more knowledge about the disease, and that will help you on your journey. It's worth reading and comes highly recommended. The photo I uploaded speaks for itself!
Esta avaliação foi considerada útil por 405 de 421 pessoa(s):
5.0 de 5 estrelas Saved My Husband's Life - Diabetics MUST Read This Book! 6 de março de 2012
Por Mary R. Kolk - Publicada na Amazon.com
Formato: Capa dura
Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution: The Complete Guide to Achieving Normal Blood SugarsDr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution: The Complete Guide to Achieving Normal Blood SugarsMy husband has type 2 diabetes. He saw his doctors faithfully every 3 months. He tried to lose weight. He tried to exercise. He took his blood sugars and his meds faithfully.

In 2002 he weighed 280 lbs. (he is 5'10"). He was on 43 units of insulin, he was on Neurontin for the terrific pain from the neuropathy in both his feet. He could not walk over 75 feet before he had to sit down and rest. I told my grown children that in 6 months I will be pushing Dad around in a wheelchair and I meant it. He had horrific diaphoresis at night. He had to put a bath towel on his pillow because of the profuse sweating that would happen when his blood sugar went low while he was sleeping. He had sleep apnea. I was constantly poking him during the night to wake him from his period of not breathing. He was irritable and depressed. Actually, irritable does not begin to describe him. He was angry a lot of the time. You couldn't say good morning because he would jump all over you.

He could not do anything around the house. He went from a man who loved to fix everything, play with the kids and still have time to be my best friend to a man who had absolutely no energy at all. His idea of exercise was using his thumb on the remote control for the TV. He fell asleep at the wheel while driving and hit the medium strip on the freeway. He didn't even realize that he had fallen asleep! He thought he had a flat tire. Upon examination by the tire store, the tire, which was only 2 weeks old, did not have anything in it and was not flat. The tire went bad because when he hit the concrete barrier on the freeway, it tore up the sidewall of the tire. Fortunately he nor anyone else was hurt.

I picked up Dr. B's first edition of "Diabetes Solution" in the summer of 2002. After reading the book, I realized that there was hope for my husband. I told him that I could help him. He wasn't ready and I don't think he believed me. I continued to read and study about low carb especially where diabetes was concerned.

One day in late 2002, my husband came to me and said he was ready to take responsibility for this illness. That's the day our lives changed completely!

Dr. Bernstein's book gave us the hope and the information we needed to change my husband's condition. I have now purchased each of the 4 editions of Dr. Bernstein's book, "Diabetes Solution" and each one has given me new information.

9 years ago we began eating low carb. Within 3 months my husband was completely off of insulin. Within 9 months he lost 80 pounds. Night sweats gone. Apnea -- gone. Neuropathy went from severe pain to a twinge now and then. Neurontin pain medication - gone. Diuretics - gone. He went from a man who could not walk 75 feet to a man who has now been in 2 5K races (walking) and who walks 2 miles 3 times a week at the local gym.

His doctor was astonished!!!! She said he was her "poster child for diabetics" and if she could get all of her patients to do what he did, she would be a happy doctor. But SHE didn't tell my husband what to do --- Dr. Bernstein did!

Recently my husband decided to lose more weight and now has lost a total of 100 pounds. He went from 280 to 180 pounds. His energy levels are through the roof. He engaged the help of our two sons and together they totally remodeled our family room. He has painted the living room, dining room, kitchen and our bedroom. He doesn't sit down except at night to watch a little TV before retiring.

We've been married 51 years and we feel like newlyweds!

Low carb critics have said that this type of diet is much to difficult to sustain long-term. They need to come and talk to my husband and to me. We are both eating low carb and loving it. You're never hungry!

Thank you Dr. Bernstein! You saved my husband's life.

Check out the results of our low carb lifestyle on our web site at [...]
The before and after photos should be enough to convince anyone to pick up Dr. B's book today!!

BTW I have absolutely no connection with Dr. B. I have never met him but I sure would love to someday.

We are passionate advocates of low carb and of telling diabetics the truth about their disease. We teach classes about what we have learned over the years and from our experience so that we can help others. Dr. Bernstein's book is the first one on our "Recommended Reading List".
Esta avaliação foi considerada útil por 282 de 290 pessoa(s):
5.0 de 5 estrelas The best guide to overcombatting obesity and fighting diabetes 5 de novembro de 2011
Por Sheldon M. Wolf - Publicada na Amazon.com
Formato: Capa dura
This book has changed my life. 9 months ago I weighed 203 lbs and was diabetic, and taking two antihypertensive medications. The more I followed conventional medical and nutritional advice, the heavier and more diabetic I got. Then I discovered Dr. Bernstein's book (prior edition), followed his prescription for diet and began losing weight. Now I weigh 160 and my blood sugar and Hb A1C are normal. I have discarded one antihypertensive pill, and cut the dose of the other in half, and my blood pressures are normal. This new edition, which expands the information on diet, medication, diabetes and its complications, is both practical, easy to read, but very erudite and comprehensive. If you are overweight, pre diabetic, diabetic, have metabolic syndrome, or a family member with any of these, please read this book. Ask your doctor to read it also. I learned more about the care of diabetes from Dr. Bernstein than I did in medical school.
Sheldon Wolf, MD
Esta avaliação foi considerada útil por 11 de 11 pessoa(s):
5.0 de 5 estrelas doctors and nutritionists will tell you that you need to have better blood sugars but they do not tell you how ... 15 de outubro de 2015
Por M Kwas - Publicada na Amazon.com
Formato: eBook Kindle Compra verificada
I have been a Type 1 Diabetic for 25 years. The endocrinologists, doctors and nutritionists will tell you that you need to have better blood sugars but they do not tell you how to achieve this, The continual changes in insulins and insulin doses may for a time give you slightly lower hemoglobin A1C levels. Following the typical meal plans given by Nutritionists with large amounts of carbohydrates and low fat leave a Type one Diabetic suffering with wild changes in their blood sugar levels throughout the day and night and a constant fear of Low Blood Sugars.

A sense that one has to suffer with long term complications of diabetes and the fear that one may lose one's vision or suffer heart or kidney problems due to elevated and rapidly fluctuating blood sugars can easily result in severe depression for the Type 1 diabetic. After many years, a Type 1 Diabetic concludes that it is inevitable that one's blood sugar will be elevated and rapidly fluctuating for the rest of one's life.

My Wife and I prayed for years that Jesus Christ would help me to achieve lower blood sugars. Finally Jesus has answered these prayers. I got Diabetes Solution back in August 2015. After reading Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution, I started to follow his plan 6 weeks ago. It has been difficult. Yet, finally after 25 years, I have seen my blood sugars average under 100.

I had read about the book on the internet. For several years I had suffered with some health issues that no doctors could tell me what caused it or how to treat it. An excerpt from the book on Dr. Bernstein's website explained the most of the symptoms that I was suffering and gave it a name: Gastroparesis. As the excerpt book explained, this was a diabetic complication caused by diabetic neuropathy, a condition that I had been diagnosed with years earlier. I knew then that I had to get this book. Thank God, I did.

For Diabetics, buy this book, read it and follow its advice. It will save and prolong your life.