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How to Teach Your Baby to Read: The Gentle Revolution (The Gentle Revolution Series) eBook Kindle

5.0 de 5 estrelas 1 avaliação de cliente

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R$ 27,62

Número de páginas: 262 páginas Dicas de vocabulário: Habilitado Idioma: Inglês

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Descrições do Produto

Descrição do produto

Time and again, the work performed at The Institutes for

the Achievement of Human Potential has demonstrated that children from birth to age six are capable of learning better and faster than older children. How To Teach Your Baby To Read shows just how easy it is to teach a young child to read, while How To Teach Your Baby Math presents the simple steps for teaching mathematics through the development of thinking and reasoning skills. Both books explain how to begin and expand each program, how to make and organize necessary materials, and how to more fully develop your child’s reading and math potential.

How to Give Your Baby Encyclopedic Knowledge shows how simple it is to develop a program that cultivates a young child’s awareness and understanding of the arts, science, and nature―to recognize the insects in the garden, to learn about the countries of the world, to discover the beauty of a Van Gogh painting, and much more. How To Multiply Your Baby’s Intelligence provides a comprehensive program for teaching your young child how to read, to understand mathematics, and to literally multiply his or her overall learning potential in preparation for a lifetime of success.

The Gentle Revolution Series:

The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential has been successfully serving children and teaching parents for five decades. Its goal has been to significantly improve the intellectual, physical, and social development of all children. The groundbreaking methods and techniques of The Institutes have set the standards in early childhood education. As a result, the books written by Glenn Doman, founder of this organization, have become the all-time best-selling parenting series in the United States and the world.


Sobre o Autor

Glenn Doman received his degree in physical therapy from the University of Pennsylvania in 1940. From that point on, he began pioneering the field of child brain development. In 1955, he founded The Institutes' world-renowned work with brain-injured children had led to vital discoveries regarding the growth and development of well children. The author has lived with, studied, and worked with children in more than one hundred nations, ranging from the most civilized to the most primitive. Doman is also the international best-selling author of six books, all part of the Gentle Revolution Series, including How To Teach Yor Baby To Read, How To Teach Your Baby Math, and How To Give Your Baby Encyclopedic Knowledge.

Douglas Doman is Vice President of The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential and the son of founder Glenn Doman. His early years working at The Institutes were spent establishing the School for Human Development for brain-injured young adults. He worked closely with Bruce Hagy to create the world’s first Human Development Course, a circuit of physical activities that promote neurological organization and development.


Janet Doman is the director of The Institutes and Glenn’s daughter. She was actively involved in helping brain-injured children by the time she was nine years old, and after completing her studies at the University of Pennsylvania, devoted herself to helping parents discover the vast potential of their babies and their own potential as teachers.

Detalhes do produto

  • Formato: eBook Kindle
  • Tamanho do arquivo: 1761 KB
  • Número de páginas: 288 páginas
  • Editora: Square One; Edição: Revised (28 de fevereiro de 2006)
  • Vendido por: Amazon Servicos de Varejo do Brasil Ltda
  • Idioma: Inglês
  • ASIN: B004LLHP0W
  • Leitura de texto: Habilitado
  • X-Ray:
  • Dicas de vocabulário: Habilitado
  • Configuração de fonte: Não habilitado
  • Avaliação média: 5.0 de 5 estrelas 1 avaliação de cliente
  • Lista de mais vendidos da Amazon: #90,161 entre os mais vendidos na Loja Kindle (Conheça os 100 mais vendidos na Loja Kindle)

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Para aqueles que esperam os bebês falarem as primeiras palavras pra depois ensiná-los a ler, este livro prova o contrário. Seu bebê já pode começar a aprender a ler mesmo antes de falar sua primeira palavra.
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Amazon.com: 4.4 de 5 estrelas 164 avaliações
Esta avaliação foi considerada útil por 4 de 4 pessoa(s):
5.0 de 5 estrelas she became somewhat bored, and wanted the cards to eat (bc paper ... 29 de outubro de 2016
Por Theresa - Publicada na Amazon.com
Formato: Capa comum Compra verificada
This book is so much more than just teaching your baby to read. It goes into the psychology and what babies are actually capable of if given the chance. Very informative read. When he states you must go quickly you really must. I tried to slow it down and be a little goofy with my daughter. This distracted her, she became somewhat bored, and wanted the cards to eat (bc paper is the tastiest treat to a 10 month old).
Down side is he doesnt say if using an ipad or tech device would still suffice instead of cards (my husband is cheap, also i live overseas and supplies arent as easy to come by). Overall a good read and am working in reading the math book from this author now.
Esta avaliação foi considerada útil por 5 de 5 pessoa(s):
5.0 de 5 estrelas A must read for all parents to be and all parents with babies 4 de junho de 2016
Por Kostya Dunaev - Publicada na Amazon.com
Formato: eBook Kindle Compra verificada
I loved this book and the possibilities that it opens. I started to apply this method with my 2.4 year old and my 9 months old. They are loving it! It takes some time to prepare the materials, but once you start it gets a lot easier. The method is very intuitive and if you have specific questions, you can call The Institute and there will be someone happy to help you.
Esta avaliação foi considerada útil por 6 de 6 pessoa(s):
5.0 de 5 estrelas Three generations 29 de julho de 2015
Por SQLbait - Publicada na Amazon.com
Formato: Livro de bolso Compra verificada
Copies of this book have been in my family three generations. My mother taught me to read when I was a toddler in the 1960's using the advice presented. My sister and I both read it and taught our children to read when very young. I have since then purchased copies for my children now that they are starting families. This is great advice, and learning to read at home at a young age has enriched our lives from the start. It is incredibly easy and enjoyable to teach a small child to read and worth the effort many times over.
Esta avaliação foi considerada útil por 5 de 5 pessoa(s):
4.0 de 5 estrelas It works! 12 de junho de 2013
Por Giuseppe V. Verardi - Publicada na Amazon.com
Formato: eBook Kindle Compra verificada
I bought this book after having read about the method it proposes in an Italian forum.
The book is easy to read and understood, at least in my opinion and offers a method I have been testing for the last two weeks with my two little boys, Carlo (6yo) and Vittorio (4 yo) with noticeable success, especially, as indicated in the book, with the younger, who really loves the game and is so quick and eager to learn.
Frankly speaking, I see nothing wrong with the method if interpreted properly, in line with the book suggestions, as a game, a very nice one, between parents and children.
As said, both mine guys like it a lot, and truly perceive it as a fancy moment with their busy dad, who spends time with them playing a game from which they can learn something new.
My personal experience, therefore, though if short, has been successful and pleasant. I can advice to stick to the guidelineso of the book: You and your baby(ies) MUST enjoy it; the practice has NOT to be intended by your child as a boring moment, but a fancy one, with plenty of affection and nearness to his dad, mother or (better) both.
If I must find a (very little) defect with the book, is its too long introduction. It took 6 chapters to the authors prior to get deep into the contents (that start in chapter 7, indeed).
Esta avaliação foi considerada útil por 3 de 3 pessoa(s):
4.0 de 5 estrelas solid theory, true effectiveness still TBD 3 de setembro de 2014
Por lelia west - Publicada na Amazon.com
Formato: Capa comum Compra verificada
Thus far the book is very intriguing and the principals are easy to understand and execute. We especially like that the book explains how to create the necessary tools at home, without pressuring you into buying costly accompaniment products. As our son is only 3.5 months old and I have not finished reading the entire book, we cannot confirm yet whether the system is 100% effective, but we will update to 5 stars when he begins to read. I will state that we have made the large flash-cards and have already started using them from 3 months.

Our son is already mimicking several words (yes, we have video to prove this). He can say "spider", "i love you", "triangle"; and "square". Although he is not repeating the words just based on the flash cards (he is copying our voices) we do feel that the association will become effective with repeat exposure throughout the first year.
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