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The Shadow of Black Wings (The Year of the Dragon, Book 1) (English Edition) eBook Kindle

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R$ 4,85

Número de páginas: 334 páginas Dicas de vocabulário: Habilitado Configuração de fonte: Habilitado
Page Flip: Habilitado Idioma: Inglês
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Descrições do Produto

Descrição do produto

AMAZON EXCLUSIVE: NEW UPDATED EDITION! Tightened and cleaned up, as you - the readers - requested.

2nd Edition, revised and edited, April 2013

"Fast paced and full of energy"
--Adrian Tchaikovsky, author of the Shadows of the Apt

"This manuscript is full of highly crafted detail that will make readers shiver at times with fear and delight ... a familiar yet highly original fantasy that is a worthwhile read."
-- Publishers Weekly

"The real-world cultures are incredibly well-researched and truthful, and yet well-balanced with the fantasy elements. An intriguing and impressive series."
-- Ben Galley, author of the Emaneska Series

It is the Sixteenth Year of Queen Victoria. In the powerful empire of Dracaland, Bran, a young dragon rider, joins his father on a military expedition to the mysterious lands of the Orient. In the reclusive Yamato, Sato, a tomboy samurai girl, strives to prove her right to inherit her father's school of western magic. Nagomi, a timid shrine apprentice, is haunted by the visions of dark future she must keep secret even from her best friend.

They don't know it yet, but their paths will cross... And when they do, nothing will ever be the same again.

Welcome to The Shadow of Black Wings, a steam-powered romp across the land of dragons, wizards and samurai. It's big, it's fast, it's been compared to Tolkien in terms of world-building, it has strong female characters and lots of carefully researched detail. You will meet the Royal Marines sailing mighty ironclads and Chinese walking machines; mysterious warlords and crazy inventors; you will discover dark prophecies, family secrets and blood-thirsty demons. And all that in just the first volume!

Sobre o Autor

James Calbraith is a 34 year old Poland-born writer, foodie and traveller, currently residing in South London. Growing up in communist Poland on a diet of powdered milk, Lord of the Rings and soviet science-fiction, he had his first story published at the ripe age of eight. After years of bouncing around university faculties, he moved to London in 2007, found a decent IT job and started writing in English. His debut historical fantasy novel, "The Shadow of Black Wings," has reached ABNA semi-finals and was published in July 2012. His volume of short stories, "Transmission," published on Amazon Kindle in June 2012, has reached the tops of Kindle bestseller lists in USA, UK, France, Germany and Italy.

Detalhes do produto

  • Formato: eBook Kindle
  • Tamanho do arquivo: 1138 KB
  • Número de páginas: 334 páginas
  • Quantidade de dispositivos em que é possível ler este eBook ao mesmo tempo: Ilimitado
  • Editora: Flying Squid; Edição: 3 (28 de junho de 2012)
  • Vendido por: Amazon Servicos de Varejo do Brasil Ltda
  • Idioma: Inglês
  • ASIN: B008FS5RPC
  • Leitura de texto: Habilitado
  • X-Ray:
  • Dicas de vocabulário: Habilitado
  • Leitor de tela: Compatível
  • Configuração de fonte: Habilitado
  • Avaliação média: Seja o primeiro a avaliar este item

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Amazon.com: 3.4 de 5 estrelas 92 avaliações
Esta avaliação foi considerada útil por 22 de 22 pessoa(s):
4.0 de 5 estrelas Wonderful blend of history & fantasy 11 de setembro de 2012
Por Vered Ehsani - Publicada na Amazon.com
Formato: eBook Kindle Compra verificada
Imagine a really well written historical fiction, taking place in the mid 1800's, focusing on the adventures and intrigues occurring in and around imperial Japan. Now add an element of alternative history: the Roman Empire was never vanquished and is vying with other European powers for access to the Orient. And then top that off with a rich layer of dragons, magic and other fantasy elements. That's what you have with The Shadow of Black Wings. James Calbraith does a wonderful job at weaving fact and fantasy into an alternative but very realistic history that pulls the reader into its richness. I'm definitely going to be reading the next book in the series.
3.0 de 5 estrelas The Shadow of Black Wings(The Year of the Dragon , Book 1) 5 de junho de 2016
Por Carol - Publicada na Amazon.com
Formato: eBook Kindle Compra verificada
This is a strange book, it keeps jumping back & forth between people & events. Toward the end it starts to come together to get you to the next book. I am going onto Book 2 to see if it starts making better sense. It has setting in ancient Rome & ancient Japan, complete with magic, dragons & modern type weapons. As I said it is strange but I am going to try book 2 because it could proven to be interesting.
2.0 de 5 estrelas Won't be reading the series. 15 de janeiro de 2017
Por Jake M. - Publicada na Amazon.com
Formato: Capa comum Compra verificada
If you're serious about your fantasy and steam punk reading I'd place this in the middle of the pack. Author has created an interesting world, but has populated it with a self absorbed, arguementaitve and totally unlikeable hero. This young lad carries a knowitall chip on his shoulder larger than Ayers Rock and is out to prove it. The female lead however is delightful. The story line also suffers from what I am guessing are publisher edits that truncate to story and leave large holes in what could have been a very good tale. Meaning many of the escapes from danger are mere "hand of God" miracles rather than creative ways out of a pickle. Interesting read but one I won't wait for upcoming volumes for.
3.0 de 5 estrelas I was actually pretty disappointed in the book by the end 16 de dezembro de 2014
Por Hannah E Thompson - Publicada na Amazon.com
Formato: eBook Kindle Compra verificada
I was actually pretty disappointed in the book by the end. While I'm curious to see where the worldbuilding is going, I really have minimal investment in the plot. I'm actually, on completion of the first book, not entirely certain what the plot is about. I'm all for books that raise questions at the end, but I also need a few satisfying answers, or at least noticeable puzzle pieces (even if I don't know where in the puzzle they fit, I should know that they're important). There were no answers.

In addition, while the political intrigue was interesting, as well as the historical throwbacks, I really wasn't impressed with the magic system(s?). I cannot honestly tell you how magic works in this book, just that apparently there is magic and there are different traditions of magic that only work well in some places.

And (this isn't too much of a spoiler since you pick up on it within the first chapter) why is Bran so loyal to Emrys? I really saw nothing that would lead me into a greater understanding of this dynamic--not to mention it wasn't made clear immediately why that is so abnormal. I honestly thought at first he was ridiculously loyal to Emrys because that was the dragon he'd been stuck with and the only dragon he'd ever have, so they needed to back each other up.

Overall, I was a bit dissatisfied with this book and likely will not read the second, unless I find it for free.
1.0 de 5 estrelas Do not care about the characters 28 de março de 2017
Por Charlie - Publicada na Amazon.com
Formato: eBook Kindle Compra verificada
This has everything that I should like; dragons,Asian culture mixed with European. But I just cannot find any reason to care about a single character in this book. The dragon is made to be so pathetic that I do not feel sympathy, I say ditch that dragon too kid.
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