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Vile City - A Detective in a Coma novel - Book 1: A dark and thrilling page turner (English Edition) eBook Kindle

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Número de páginas: 288 páginas Dicas de vocabulário: Habilitado Configuração de fonte: Habilitado
Page Flip: Habilitado Idioma: Inglês
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Descrições do Produto

Descrição do produto

A brilliant new crime thriller series

DI Duncan Waddell has big problems. He’s borderline diabetic. The paperwork is piling up faster than the underwear at a porn shoot.

Now his best pal DC Stevie Campbell, who’s in a coma after being attacked by a suspect, has started to talk to him. Trouble is, only Waddell can hear him.

The last thing he needs is the country’s biggest case to land on his lap.

Three women have gone missing in the city he used to love, but is fast coming to despise, victims of the GLASGOW GRABBER, as their assailant has been dubbed by local hack and all round thorn in Waddell’s backside, Catriona Hastie.

Shelley Craig is the latest victim, snatched as she and her boyfriend took a shortcut through Glasgow city centre.

And she’ll do anything to make it home.

Sobre o Autor

Jennifer Lee Thomson is an award-winning crime writer who has been scribbling away all her life. She also writes as Jenny Thomson and is an animal and human rights advocate.

Detalhes do produto

  • Formato: eBook Kindle
  • Tamanho do arquivo: 827 KB
  • Número de páginas: 288 páginas
  • Quantidade de dispositivos em que é possível ler este eBook ao mesmo tempo: Ilimitado
  • Editora: Caffeine Nights Publishing (11 de maio de 2017)
  • Vendido por: Amazon Servicos de Varejo do Brasil Ltda
  • Idioma: Inglês
  • ASIN: B06XG99CLW
  • Leitura de texto: Habilitado
  • X-Ray:
  • Dicas de vocabulário: Habilitado
  • Leitor de tela: Compatível
  • Configuração de fonte: Habilitado
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Amazon.com: 4.4 de 5 estrelas 10 avaliações
Esta avaliação foi considerada útil por 1 de 1 pessoa(s):
5.0 de 5 estrelas Taut crime thriller with a dark and morally complex mood 21 de maio de 2017
Por Larry M - Publicada na Amazon.com
Formato: eBook Kindle Compra verificada
Set in Glasgow, the largest city in Scotland, Jennifer Lee Thomson's taut, crime thriller, Vile City, the first in a new series, will keep readers turning the pages and guessing until the very end. Detective Inspector Duncan Waddell investigates the unexplained disappearance of two young women. Waddell, a brooding, introspective detective worn down by cares and the increasing politically correct expectations imposed on modern policing is far from simply heroic, but a man with a stronger moral compass than most of the citizens of the city that employs him as a veteran police investigator.

The disappearance of a third young woman, Shelley Craig, puts Glasgow on the verge of a media-fueled panic and Waddell under increasing pressure to find the three women and bring to justice the person responsible for the series of abductions, both from the Glasgow press and his superior, Detective Chief Inspector Galbraith. The investigation soon draws Waddell into an intricate web of depravity as he uncovers evidence that kinky sex, swingers clubs, and human trafficking, are all involved in the disappearances of the three victims. No sooner than Waddell painstakingly identifies a possible suspect in the abductions, than the suspect turns up as a crime victim too, of murder.

Thomson, winner of the Scottish Association of Writers' Pitlochry Quiach Award, masterfully paints Waddell as an empathetic hero and sprinkles the story with a lively cast of supporting characters who help bring the story alive. When the shocking identities and crimes of the suspects involved are revealed, readers will feel as chilled as a bitterly cold and wet Glasgow wintry day.

Vile City was one of the best, most entertaining thrillers I've read in years. I was thoroughly impressed by Thomson's distinctive and appealing direct writing style, reminiscent of that of another fine Scottish author, Ann Cleeves. It's realistic, simple and precise prose, stripped of all unnecessary words. Vile City is a novel with a dark and morally complex mood exemplified by the seemingly conscious inclusion of a critical perspective on present-day Scottish urban society. I unreservedly recommend this book to any reader who enjoys a good crime thriller. You won't be disappointed. I personally am definitely keen to read the next installment in the series.
Esta avaliação foi considerada útil por 1 de 1 pessoa(s):
4.0 de 5 estrelas A great read with some fantastic twists! 27 de maio de 2017
Por Amazon Customer - Publicada na Amazon.com
Formato: eBook Kindle Compra verificada
I really enjoyed this story and would definitely recommend it. I read it in one go, and was hooked until about 75% of the way in, when it became very detailed with backstories/subplots, and so lost some of the fast paced edge, although still really compelling. There were some fantastic twists! I loved the way it had quite a bit of narrative content, rather than just lines and lines of dialogue as many books do now. The dialogue was very realistic and I enjoyed the switching chapters points of view which were well done and gave me a good idea of the character. This book was a lot more graphic than I usually read...and was about sex trafficking, so obviously had some very challenging content. I thought Eva's character was particularly well-done, but found the chapter towards the end about Nina's back story took me out of the main story - while that chapter was obviously realistic, it was what I'd inferred about her background anyway. The reason I have given it four stars and not five was because of the last quarter or so of the book, which I felt lost momentum, and the way that Shelley was sort of "lost" from the story and then made a decision I did not think fitted with her character AT ALL so was really jarring for me. That aspect might be covered in a sequel? Overall though, a great read that I would definitely recommend, mindful of course of the content/subject.
Esta avaliação foi considerada útil por 1 de 1 pessoa(s):
4.0 de 5 estrelas I do love a dark crime novel and this is probably one ... 7 de junho de 2017
Por damppebbles - Publicada na Amazon.com
Formato: eBook Kindle
I do love a dark crime novel and this is probably one of the darkest I’ve read in a while. The themes in this book certainly aren’t for the faint hearted and at times made even me, Mrs Iron Stomach, a little queasy. DI Duncan Waddell is just perfect in my eyes. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about this long-in-the-tooth, ever so slightly bumbling detective and his new overly keen DC, Brian McKeith. What I didn’t really get, and I think this is just me, is why DC Stevie Campbell is such a big part of the setup. I mean, the series is titled ‘Detective in a Coma’. The detective in the coma is DC Stevie Campbell, who until recently was DI Waddell’s right hand man but as the result of a bottling is now comatose in the local hospital. Had Waddell experienced some brilliant insight whilst sitting with his comatose colleague, or in the moments when Waddell thinks Stevie is conscious, had he shared his thoughts which then led to the case being solved, I could have seen more of a connection. But Stevie doesn’t offer any brilliant insights and Waddell doesn’t have any case changing ideas whilst sitting with Stevie. Maybe there is more to come, maybe it’s just me.

There is a lot going on in this book and at times I did lose the thread a little. There are many steps in the plot and some aspects felt they were there only to move the story along. For example, Shelley Craig’s kidnap felt the first stepping stone albeit a rather large one. Once this aspect of the case had been investigated, it wasn’t really mentioned or referred to again. I don’t want to drop any spoilers here but I’m still not sure what the outcome was with the other two kidnapped woman. Maybe all will become clear in the second book.

Would I recommend this book? I would. I really enjoyed Thomson’s investigative team, led by Waddell and featuring the ever so slightly annoying, McKeith. I would be quite happy for Waddell to keep sleuthing alongside McKeith rather than bringing a conscious Stevie Campbell to the story, as they make an interesting pair and one I really warmed to (even though they didn’t really warm to each other!). I also liked how wonderfully Scottish this novel is. Great story but I did feel a little dizzy in places.

Four out of five stars.

I chose to read and review Vile City. The above review is my own unbiased opinion.
Esta avaliação foi considerada útil por 1 de 1 pessoa(s):
4.0 de 5 estrelas Dark goings on in Glasgow! 9 de junho de 2017
Por EllenD - Publicada na Amazon.com
Formato: eBook Kindle
Glasgow is the setting in this fast paced crime thriller; featuring a large and varied cast of characters, I was intrigued and hooked in from the start. The story opens with the abduction of Shelley Craig and the action is non-stop from then on. The Glasgow Grabber (as named by the local press) has snatched three women from the city and DI Duncan Waddell is in charge of solving the case. As each avenue of enquiry is explored the rot just gets deeper and deeper; abductions, sex slavery, murders and blackmail all feature.

I liked Duncan and how he was still loyal to his former colleague DC Stevie Campbell (the Detective in a Coma in the title) and visited him. Bouncing his thoughts off the unresponsive Stevie it was certainly a surprise when Stevie woke and started talking….or did he. We are left uncertain as to whether the stress of his workload is leading Duncan to imagine these interactions. There was humour in the story in the relationship between Duncan and his new partner DC McKeith who is nothing like Stevie. McKeith is a little wet behind the ears and has entered the force through the graduate scheme, he is strait-laced and simply not Duncan’s cup of tea!

There is a particularly repulsive character in Vile City – no spoilers but they made my skin crawl and got my hackles up.

Females have a lot of strong roles of varying backgrounds and personalities; glamorous receptionist, sophisticated psychotherapist, local newspaper journalist and the latest victim Shelley Craig. It was refreshing to see this in a crime thriller although nothing (and no-one) is straight forward and I wouldn’t have known who to trust.

An enjoyable book and I would read more from this author. Four stars.
Esta avaliação foi considerada útil por 1 de 1 pessoa(s):
4.0 de 5 estrelas Enjoyable start to a new series 13 de junho de 2017
Por Dee - Publicada na Amazon.com
Formato: eBook Kindle
DI Duncan Waddell inched his way into my heart from the first moment I met him. I warmed to him and his delicious sense of humour and sarcasm immediately. Since his partner is in a coma, he’s forced to work with DC McKeith and they make a very unlikely team. McKeith is tall and all limbs and despite some moments of clarity, he constantly gets on Waddell’s nerves. But basically, the biggest mark against McKeith is that he’s just not Stevie.

This case and investigation was really interesting, well written and had me hooked from the start. There are some excellent twists and turns that I didn’t see coming at all when various threads started to connect. Jennifer Lee Thomson has come up with an engrossing, gripping and multi-layered plot, realistically highlighting the dark and disturbing world of modern slavery. Yet she also manages to effortlessly combine the depravity in certain scenes with a healthy dose of humour and to my surprise, I often found myself chuckling.
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