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19 de agosto de 2015
This was a super fun read. I rarely read 'funny' books as a few have disappointed me in the past. This book found my sense of humour and had me cracking up laughing.

I thought when I started this book that it was gonna be a hot sexy book. However I was wrong.. It was so much more than that. This book had a combination of sexy, romantic and downright laugh out loud moments. Yes I may have snorted a few times.

Aubrey is on a road trip. Fate steps in and drops the luscious sexy Chance into her lap (or should I say her car lol). What starts as giving him a lift turns into so much more.

Really brilliant storyline. If I could give more than five stars I would.

Have I mentioned the great names in this book... Esmerelda Snowflake. Let's not forget Philomena. Yes of course I'm gonna mention her lol

Fabulous funny read. Get 1-clicking:)
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4,7 de 5 estrelas