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16 de fevereiro de 2017
This is my first book by Penelope Ward and Vi Keeland (together and apart). I know, I'm a lot behind, but I'm fixing this now!

It was interesting, because, as I said, I haven't read any other books by them, but I've been stalking them for a while, and reading their posts, reading what people say about their books, reading the blurbs, I was already a fan!! I loved reading anything and everything about them even before reading their books!

So when I started reading Cocky Bastard I was both excited and afraid. I was excited because I was finally getting a chance to read them and I couldn't wait for it, but I was afraid that my expectations were too high and at the end of the book I might be "eh...ok".
But when I started reading...OHHH!! At the first few pages I was already smiling and laughing and "Ohhing" and "Ahhing" and I didnt want to do anything else but read!

Chance and Aubrey were so damn sweet!! Like amazingly sweet, and not just "oh, ok, that is sweet, regular, ordinary". Nooo it was melting-my-heart sweet! It was why-did-it-take-me-so-long-to-start-it sweet!
It didn't follow all the cliches and stereotypes we are used to. It wasnt exclusively Bad Guy Vs. Good Guy! It was normal and real people, people we know, with bad and good actions!

I loved the couple, oh and that Goat was adorable!! I'm chattering now, I know, but I'm just ecstatic and overjoyed!
It was so worthy to take this Chance!!
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