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3 de maio de 2019
After reading the first three books, I could not wait to read Katherine's story, even more after reading that sneak peek at the end of the third book.
I never imagined those two together but they fitted so well, it was just beautiful!
I loved seeing that group again, those parts where they were together were the most fun and I kept smiling the whole time.

Katherine was always a mystery to me. She had her rules and followed them strictly. I would've never imagined how her life changed in just one night and how everything worked out perfectly. She discovered her new self, the one that was always in hiding and waiting for the perfect time to come out and it was amazing.
Theo, Tommy's brother, even though they were twins, they couldn't be more different. They just looked the same, the rest was completely different and that was great because Theo matched perfectly with Katherine.

I loved it! The epilogue was amazing! I don't know how to keep going without more of this series, I love these characters.
I have to confess that my favorite couple continues to be Tommy and Amelia, they have my whole heart and I love them the most. Even though I would read more and more about these characters, I'm happy with this final book.
It was really the perfect final book to this incredible journey.
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3,9 de 5 estrelas