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13 de novembro de 2018
Goodreads says it's my second read, but I actually don't remember reading this book. So, it was like a first read.
After reading Stuck-Up Suit and the final mention of an Aussie guy giving advice while waling a goat, I imagined that had to come from somewhere, it was extremely random. Hahaha
So, after searching, I saw that it was this book and I got right to it and I loved it. It was funny but also meaningful.
I loved the chemistry and the spark they had and how much effort Chance put in trying to win her back.
Great book!!

Favorite quotes:
"'You're not suggesting...'
'Yes. Yes, I am. If I change your tire, you let me ride with you.'
'Ride with me?'
'Ride me, yes.'
'What did you just say?'
'You're hearing things.'"

"'We need to eat.'
'So, we'll get breakfast out?' I stupidly asked.
'Yes, breakfast. What else would I be eating out?'

"'What do you say we go find a hotel near here, have a nice dinner, hot showers and call it a night. I'd like to sleep in your bed, too.'
'What did you say?'
'I said I'd like to sleep in a bed, too.'

"Chance glanced over at me, a solemn look on his face at first, then a slow grin spread wide.
'You want to sin with me, Princess?'
Did I ever."

"Sometimes, those who put up the biggest shields are those who are protecting the biggest hearts."

"(...) and it was time I took control of the situation. I am a woman, damn it. Hear me roar."

"I cranked up the music, put two Coronas in the freezer to chill, and might have danced with a goat."
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