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20 de agosto de 2019
I don't know where to start this review. I need a moment to recover from this book. What roller coaster of emotions was that? If the first volume was already intense, now it was raised to tenth power. Distressing. Disturbing. Dark. Erotic. A story with a darker embody. With villains bordering on sociopathy, a corrupted world filled with money and luxury, intrigue, and jaw-dropping revelations with every chapter. No one should be trusted.
Returning shortly after where the first book ended, Abby finds herself captive, sedated and isolated. And if she thought she knew suffering, nothing will prepare her for her father's last blow. Revenge is the only thing keeping her standing. He will pay no matter what it costs.
With Kaiden and his crew hidden, their reunion will be explosive, and their seduction game will be marked by secrets, pain and grief. But a lot of eroticism. And little by little new revelations are made, the past is unraveled and the pieces begin to fall into place. But who to trust will remain the main question.
Nothing, and I say nothing, prepared me for the plot twists. Abby's father is psychotic, but the extent of his sadism is shocking. Violate her daughter's body, trade her as a commodity, threaten her, cause unimaginable pain. And his final blow is monstrous. But if he thinks he won the game, he is so wrong. He has just won an enemy to be feared.
The Elite has to be taken down, but I don't see a solution. When it seems that Abby and company are in the lead, something happens that puts them on the merits of the Elite again. Drew remains a puzzle to me. Trent and his father are despicable. But the big surprise was Charlie. I didn't expect this turnaround.
Ending in another cliffhanger, the next and final book has never been so anticipated. I hope the Elite suffers. With refinements of cruelty.
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