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em 29 de março de 2018
Li este livro atraído pela entrevista que a autora deu para a GloboNews. Infelizmente não consegui chegar ao final do livro, o que para mim é raro acontecer.

Tinha a esperança de ver depoimentos capazes de valorizar a cultura negra, vinda da Nigéria, terra da autora. Mas, encontrei uma visão superficial e que me levou a crer que a autora não pretendia realizar nenhuma valorização da cultura de sua terra natal e sim falar de modo superficial sobre o que ela vive nos Estados Unidos.
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em 16 de outubro de 2014
Achei um excelente retrato dos problemas raciais que persistem na sociedade americana até os dias atuais.

Recomendaria o livro para leitores interessados nas leituras de cunho sociológico e / ou antropológicos que tentam analisar o perfil das sociedades do mundo contemporâneo.

Achei muito bom o retrato, feito nessa obra, dos exilados voluntários de suas pátrias, e o relato de suas ânsias e sonhos.
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em 24 de novembro de 2017
Um dos melhores livros que já li! Muito bem escrito, rico em detalhes, estória bem construída. Chimamanda é uma das melhores escritoras da atualidade.
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em 27 de junho de 2017
Um romance empolgante e muito bem escrito, permeado pela visão crítica da autora sobre assuntos muito atuais. Recomendo a leitura em inglês, flui muito bem!
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em 2 de junho de 2017
Fantástico! Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie é, certamenta uma das mrlhores escritoras da última década.Americah é um romance excelente, valeu muito a pena.
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em 10 de julho de 2017
an amazing, well-written novel about dreams, youth and, of course, race and interseccionality. I found it difficult to stop reading until the end.
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em 17 de outubro de 2014
O livro é bem escrito, envolvente e aborda duas culturas a Americana e a Nigeriana sob o ponto de vista de uma mulher negra.
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em 16 de abril de 2014
I decided to read this book because Chamamnda's talk at TED. I have been listening to her every week, the same talk, since the day I first got in touch with her. Therefore, I imagine the book could be as good as her talk and I was right.
The plot is about a couple who is separated during youth and get together when they are adults after 17 years.
Ifemelu, the main character leaves Nigeria to search better opportunities for study and for the future. In the beginning she undergoes harsh situations until she finds a place and a time she can feel comfortable in the United States. During her stay in the US, she learns many things, the most important one, is that she is black. Amidst her blackness, she is sensitive enough to find out that being black really matters in the US and she decides to write a blog to expose and register her difficulties and the fallacies of a country that is not prepared to face people of different color.
We can see clearly Chimamanda’s point of view about race in Ifemelu’s speech. Race is a very important section of the book because we can have insights on how hard it is to be black in a world surrounded by prejudice even though it says it is not.
The plot in general is well written but a bit confusing. The story goes back and forth in time frequently and sometimes we get lost. Another interesting point of the book is that all characters are black with Nigerian names. It makes it difficult for other people to understand if we are not used to these kinds of name. Sometimes we can’t know whether the character is male or female. Yet, this fact boosts the veracity of the novel and shows the reader a whole new world unlike from those novels we are used to reading.
Obinze, Ifemelu’s love partner also has his hard times in England as an immigrant until the day he is deported and goes back to Nigeria. There he starts working in the real estate business and does well.
Ifemelu goes to Princeton and gets a fellowship there. She also gets a green card which makes her life a lot easier in the US. She becomes successful with her blog about race and gets invited to talk in many universities. One day, she decides to go back to Nigeria to see her place, her family and Obinze. When she arrives in Lagos, she finds out Obinze is married and they have a talk.
Chimamanda conducts the ending very well and surprisingly. This is certainly a book to be read and be studied. Americanah can show the reader that very few people are able to speak up about racism but those who have suffered from it.
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