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em 6 de abril de 2015
Ok, so this is heavy metal which means if you think it's fun sitting around flipping through Emily Dickinson novels while you sip on a steaming hot cup of Chamomile tea...then you're going to HATE this book. But honestly, I always thought Dickinson as well as all the other formal BS we read in college was pretentious smut, so I liked "The Last Bastion of Hope."

Sure, there's not quite as much attention to meter in this collection of poems, but it's somebody's honest opinion at least. Actually, it's such a raw and honest opinion that it can, at times, even reflect poorly on the writer. I think it takes a certain amount of courage to publish something that has that effect.

This really feels like a passion project, so it's not in the least sense commercial. Frankly, I wish more people would publish stuff like this.
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em 7 de abril de 2015
Definitely need more of this! I have to disagree with a previous posted, though. I like my chamomile tea, but I also love heavy metal ;) I really don't see how ANYONE could hate this book! Or maybe I'm demented ;) I never could understand people who are so easily offended :) I preferred this dark, edgy, starkly frank style of poetry and the world needs more verse like this. It will make you feel something. That's what good poetry does. IMO, the best poetry if the kind that can make you feel something HARD. Not the wistful field of daisies type, but the, wow, that verse is like nails in my skin, like shrapnel in my heart, like glass particles in my brain. That may not sound very pleasant, but it makes you feel alive. It wakes you up to the world around you. This is REAL.

(PS: Don't worry, his poetry isn't as cheesy as my review. I'm a cornball. This is why I don't write poetry LOL)
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em 17 de abril de 2015
The Last Bastion of Hope

The Last Bastion of Hope is a hard-hitting and gritty book penned by Dexter. It’s like song lyrics and poetry all summed up into one dark and intense piece of literature. Its heavy metal stuff, hard knocks, hard rock stuff.

It appeals to your emotions and I do believe this is the most important thing about it. It is not for the light-hearted or easily offended, it’s for book lovers looking for something different rather than the 700% increase in Amazon’s corny romance novels genre.
I would love to check out more of Dexter’s stuff, this was an entertaining, fun read.

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Al-Khemet Book Club, Apr 2015
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em 3 de abril de 2015
Deeply interactive, Dexter Desoto portrays his thoughts in profound repertoire of lyrics and verse.

Intensely inspiring...the heavy metal song lyrics are brought forth once more in this rendering edition. "The Last Boston Hope contain the controversies we once embraced, such as religion, politics, and life's issues. The lyrics are intense and the author very versatile with his wit and intricate style of verse.

A unique and different book, I recommend it highly.
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em 9 de abril de 2015
Political correctness sucks the big one, which is what makes heavy metal music so great, and Dexter is a wonderful writer of heavy metal lyrics, make no mistake about that. This collection of his works thrills, inspires, and, quite simply put, entertains. If heavy metal is not for you then please leave now. If it is for you, then grab a copy of this book and enjoy.
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em 31 de março de 2015
THE LAST BASTION of HOPE - Psychological, Dark, Poetry, resurrection,Lyrics,spirituality
by Dexter

A superb selection of writing.

THE LAST BASTION of HOPE is an amazing trip into spirituality and the darkest notes of the deepest mind.

A superb repertoire of poetical and lyrical genius.

Explore if you dare!
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em 14 de abril de 2015
The Last Bastion of Hope by Dexter is comprised of song lyrics written in the decades before and after the end of the 20th century. They are iconoclastic. They are tough. They are angry. They are not for those easily offended.

All that said, if you have any of the truth of rock 'n' roll times left in your soul, you'll want to own these.
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em 12 de abril de 2015
These days the best new poetry is in artful song lyrics and most of the time the music dominates so people don't get to appreciate the words. I wish more songwriters would do what this author has done and share their words with readers. I'm not into heavy metal but I love new poetry wherever I can get it. So kudos to this writer for being creative and experimenting with form.
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em 4 de abril de 2015
Wow! Talk about lyrics!! This is really profound poetry at its best! Raw and controversial, I was amazed. Author Dexter has quite a repertoire. THE LAST BASTION of HOPE has it all: religion, politics, and spirituality. You won’t soon forget these sometimes dark lyrics that penetrate your mind. I’d love to hear these put to music! I highly recommend!
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em 12 de abril de 2015
Heavy Metal is totally awesome and so is this book! I don’t think I have seen anything like this before. I write poetry and I am a big fan of Heavy metal, so I was drawn to this book like a moth to a flame or a headbanger to a mosh pit. That being said this collection of the author’s song lyrics is poetry at its finest. A must have for rockers and poetry fans alike!
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