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em 2 de maio de 2017
I have no words to describe how beautiful and inspiring this series and this book is. All the characters are so well developed, you feel their pain, anger, sorrow and above all the love they have for each other. They sometimes fight and quarrel but they make peace pretty quickly,it's a family in every sense. Feyre and Rhysand, their relationship, are still the main focus of this book. They are as lovely and beautiful as in the previous book, they understand and respect each other deeply and it's amazing to see. Feyre as a High Lady is so epic. The inner circle is also back in all it's glory. I would say this book over all is about a family facing a war and every evil you can imagine, but remaining together and having each others backs. I don't have any complaints for this book, only praise. I cried, laughed, smiled, felt their sorrow and happiness reading though every page. You get to meet new characters, love or hate even more the old ones. Sometimes you need to catch your breath. Sarah J Maas really outdone herself in this one and I'm ever so grateful her work. This story really moved me. At the end as I turned the last pages and read the last words, I couldn't agree more. It was a gift, it was all a gift.
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500 PRINCIPAIS AVALIADORESem 6 de junho de 2017
Sarah J. Maas delivered again. Great finale for the this arc of ACOTAR.
Can't hardly wait for the next book! Yes, already! Lol!!!
I'm sick and when I'm in pain I can't focus. I only was able to read or listen to Harry Potter lately. Tried many books, good books. Couldn't finished.
Devoured ACOWAR. And I'm so grateful for that alone.

A Bit of SPOILERS below...
Feyre was fantastic in this book. In fact, all the characters were great.
My babys Rhys, Azriel, Cassian and Lucien (heir to another court, that's a good one!). Jurian and Tamlin (OMG to both!!!!)...
Nesta - what a great character!
And the Suriel. Really liked him. Fantastic to the end!
So many things I have to mention... I read the ebook and listened to the audiobook, so I will highlight and annotate better the passages I liked when my physical copy arrives on Monday. I'll of course reread it! Lol!
And the Mor revelation? Didn't see it coming: but explains soooo much!!!!
I hope she will get along with that cursed six queen in the future.
I hope Az finds someone worth of him.
Amren fantastic as always!
Elaine impressive and surprising everyone in the end. I hope she really gives Lucien a chance.
Rhys almost made my heart stop! Afffff! He and his selfless ways! They really deserve each other.
And the Archeron dad? Great surprise.
So many, so many things...
My thoughts are scattered yet. Lol!!!
I have to think more about it...
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em 6 de junho de 2017
It is not a bad book, but is not as great as it could be.
The author tried so hard to give a happy ending where everybody important is alive and happy, the enemy suddenly is a fool and easily killed, even considering he is supposed to be the most powerful creature there is. And every trap that he makes, does nothing to the main characters.
Innumerable situations happened in which there should be repercussion, I mean, one character was slashed in half! But, a couple days of rest should do the trick. I don't sense the fatigue or fear or any of the other emotions associated with a war in any character other than Feyre or Rhys. The soldiers are barely a number. The war on itself felt too fast. It could have gone on, if not elongating the book, but maybe making another book.
On the first book of the series, Feyre is transforming (and cannot decipher a really easy riddle, damn girl!). On the second book you see her adjusting and accepting herself. But on this one, nothing. Learning more about her position I would assume, but still, quite shallow.

Understand that it is not a bad reading, I mean, I read in one week! But after the a few days and you start recalling the book, you find those little things and contradictions spoiling it. During the book actually, as you see the author intentions, you stop carrying if the character is diving head first in a volcano, because you know that some trick up his sleeve will save him. And it does!
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em 12 de abril de 2018
ACOWAR was an amazing read, did not dissapoint. Left of after the events of ACOMAF ..

Spoilers below!

the love between rhysand and feyre continues on catching my breath at every page.. i wish there was more on Tamlin and what he was thinking, his emoticons.. though i do understand the suspense and silence is needed for the curve ball at the end, but even so no conversation whatsoever between him and Feyre in the end? She did love the Guy for a whole book, i expected more in this department.

Another point, am I the only one that hates Nesta? She is a bitch the entire 3 books to Feyre, who basically did everything for those stupid sisters to survive in the entire thing (hunted food for them, got blamed for anything wrong that happened tô them..)

One last thing about the book that i thought could have been different, MAJOR SPOILER, no main character dies in the end? I mean, It was all happyly every after which seemed much easier to obtain compared to ACOTAR in which we saw a lot more suffering and development of the "battle" under the mountain.
I mean, yes we were ALL begging for rhysand to come back to life, and we KNEW he would, It was not a surprise. And EVEN AMREN comes back to life? Oh that was too easy! I Felt like the book needed some more DRAMA and saddess at the end, killing at least one of them (Cassian, azriel, mor, Amren..) not that my heart would Bear this, but It would make the story more real, tangible and heartfelt..
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em 26 de julho de 2017
Tanto a hardcover (PRETA <3) quanto a jacket do livro são simplesmente apaixonantes!
Realmente gostei de como a Sarah terminou essa série (pelo menos, a história principal; alguns contos ainda virão, YES)
No começo, achei que ela iria estender o primeiro momento por mais alguns capítulos, mas ela foi direto ao ponto, o que foi ótimo. Thank you, Sarah! De qualquer forma, tenho que dizer: foram mais de 700 páginas e eu sinto que não muita coisa aconteceu, não me entendam mal, não foi parado, mas senti falta de algo, algumas cenas sobre isso e aquilo ou até mesmo alguns momentos. Os diálogos continuam "fierce" e super interessantes. Meu único porém se dá ao final; achei que precisou de algo a MAIS.
De qualquer forma é uma história apaixonante, quase um sonho mesmo.
Até os próximos, Sarah!
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1000 PRINCIPAIS AVALIADORESem 19 de outubro de 2017
Como sempre os livros da Sarah J. Mass são ótimose esse não poderia ser diferente. Adoro a forma como ela descreve os relacionamentos e o amor dos personagens, além da trama e narrativa
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em 17 de maio de 2017
Se você gostou da corte de névoa e fúria, vai amar a Corte de Asas e Ruína.
Aqui vemos Feyre Acheron entrar em uma verdadeira guerra para proteger Prythian.

Intrigas, traições, batalhas épicas aguardam você no terceiro volume da série.
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em 8 de dezembro de 2017
Nossa o livro é maravilhoso, só perde para o o segundo da trilogia que não tem como ser mais perfeito!!!!! Sem palavras sobre a perfeição do Rhys!!!! Amo, amo, amo, amo, amo!!!!! A Sarah J. Maas com certeza é uma das autoras mais brilhantes dessa geração!!! Leiam!!! Não vão se arrepender!!!!!
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em 8 de agosto de 2017
The third book didn't disappointed me. More than that, it conquered my heart even after the perfection of the second book. So, READ IT and fall in love with far and humans again.
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em 13 de agosto de 2018
esse livro é a perfeição como um todo, cada pagina são tapas que você leva e esse final que amor, tudo que a Sarah escreveu e eu li eu adorei
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